Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kai is 3!

I can't believe that my baby is three years old. I am left wondering where the time went. Seems like just the other day I was envisoining where we would be when he turned 3...ah but that melancholy is for another day. Today it is time to share our celebration! We had a HUGE family party for him last Saturday. Jamie hasn't been feeling well this last week (again a post for another day) so he was able to be there, as well as the kids. I have been watching a lot of Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss lately (both are highly addictive and if you have anything better to do with your time I recommend you don't start watching) and it inspired me to try something new. For Kai's first B-day Grandma Kitty made him a cute tower cake that was all his own and last year I made a motorcycle racing sheetcake. So this year I was all set to do another sheetcake when Jamie convinced me we could conquer some sort of 3D version of the Tonka Truck...OK so normally I would point out my lack of culinary genius at this point but remember Ace of Cakes? Yeah, I was on board! So we set out with a vision in mind and about 8 cake mixes later we had what Miranda referred to as the leaning tower of cakes. I told her to have faith...She didn't have enough. About 80% of the way done my not so cool kitchen in the middle of July proved to be my nemesis as the back half of my cake came a tumbling down. This is what the back looked like before...I wouldn't let Jamie take a picture of the after.

I was about finished and getting ready to throw it in the garbage and head to Walmart's bakery when the kids rallied and came up with this idea.

All in all I think it turned out well...

Unfortunately, I have started something because Ethan informed me that he wants a Bakugan Cake for his party. Hello, Walmart?!

He is one spoiled little boy. He got 2 Knight sets being modeled here, 3 Tonka pods and a Transformer.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


So people I didn't die! I know most of you thought I did because I haven't blogged in months but I didn't. I have had the best few months ever! There are so many AMAZING changes happening in my life and I can't wait to update y'all on them. But sadly I have to run but keep watching because as I said before I didn't die.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Going Private

So, I really hate to do this because there are people that don't have google accounts that read my blog but it has come to my attention that there are people out there that are using information in my blog to cause me stress. I find this a little surprising because I don't feel like I post anything terribly exciting or revealing. But, I think that for the time being the best thing to do for me and Kai is to go private so that I know our lives are only being shared with those I know and love. I will be closing my blog to the public on Sunday December 21st. Please, please give me your email so that I can give you access and know that if I know your name then you are not the ones I am worried about. You can leave your email in a comment or email me at krista_creer@yahoo.com! Love you all!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Poor Dexter

I finally had to put Dexter down. It was a sad day. I came home from work early Saturday morning and he wasn't in his house in the garage. I went out back to look for him and found that he had fallen off our porch steps and was stuck between the house and the steps. He had been having trouble with arthritis in his back legs but when I got him out from under the stairs he couldn't even stand up on his own. Nothing seemed broken or hurt because he let me carry him into the garage. I knew that it was time. I called my mom and went to bed knowing there was nothing I could do until the vet opened. My mom called and got an appointment at 2. She came over and helped me get Dex cleaned up and loaded into the car. Poor thing still couldn't stand on his own. I have never had to put a pet down before and as much as I joked about how he was supposed to be dead 3 years ago it was still emotional. I had that dog for 14 years. I got him shortly after my dad died.

The only good thing about it happening on Saturday when I had to go back to work that night was that Malakai was with his dad. When he got home on Sunday I pulled into the garage and Kai said "I need out to go pet my doggy." I had been pondering what I was going to tell him. Finally I just told him that Dexter got sick and went to be with Jesus. Malakai still looked in his dog house. Today when he asked when Dexter was coming back I reminded him that he had to go live with Jesus. I think he might have it now because he told my mom that "Dexter is going to be fine. He is with Jesus." I sure hope so Buddy, cause I kind of feel like a doggy murderer!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm Taking Applications...

So I have decided that I need a dating sponsor. You know kind of like an AA sponsor but for dating. I think that AA and NA are really onto something. What a good idea to have someone there to hold your hand as you struggle through, someone who has been there and knows the challenges that you are facing. So I am applying that concept to my life. I don't think that this job will be as difficult as an AA sponsor. I don't foresee there being a big problem with drunken 2 am phone calls that result in them pulling me out of a bar in Payson (I don't even think there is a bar in Payson...is there?). No, this job will be more along the lines of keeping me dateable.

Primary job responsibilities will include:
  • Briefing me on proper adult conversation topics (No, he won't care how long you breastfed for or how long it took to potty train Malakai)
  • Wardrobe. (No, scrubs are not proper dating attire. I don't care if they are comfortable. Yes, that goes for pajama pants too!)
  • Grooming. (This pointy stick looking thing is called eyeliner...Next I am going to introduce you to lipstick! No, chapstick is not the same thing!)
  • Fine Dining Etiquette. (No, it doesn't class things up to actually go in to the McDonald's rather than the drive thru.)
  • Talking me down from the edge. This will probably be where the 2 am part comes into play with this sponsor. I do foresee lots and lots of late night phone calls! (No, I don't know what he meant by that. No, I don't know why he hasn't called you. No, you definitely don't look fat! Put the Ben and Jerry's ice cream away, Krista!)

If any of you are interested in the job let me know. I am warning you though, until someone steps up you are all going to have to deal with my confusion and incessant questioning.

My Guitar Heroes!

I can't believe that it is December already! It seems like time is just flying by and Malakai keeps getting bigger. He is such a "good" helper and the week of Thanksgiving he was bound and determined to prove it to grandma. I don't think that the chair left the kitchen once in the 3 days that he was over there. My mom is so good to watch him for me while I work even when her life is crazy! I had to work Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving which meant that there was virtually no time for her to cook or bake without her little helper. We did find that he makes a great sampler and also a really good beater licker! At least, those seemed to be the things he enjoyed the most.

Thanksgiving has always been a really big event for my family. It usually involves the entire extended family and goes through the whole weekend. This year work kind of ruined that for us. Lisa, Wyatt, Trent and I all had to work on Friday and of course my mom was babysitter extraordinaire! But, we did make it up to Logan for the day. My aunt has a new gorgeous and rather large home there that we put to good use. It was a wonderful day full of food, family and Guitar Hero World Tour!

This is a picture of Kai Kai getting down! I hope that boy has more rhythm than his mom. I got demoted from drums to vocals pretty quickly.

We let the boys play alone for most the afternoon but then we crashed their party. I love the loook on Trent's face. He was kind of annoyed with our lack of musical ability. We can't all be blessed with that much talent!

So, once he gave up on trying to get me to hit the right notes at the right time he focused on teaching Malakai his signature Rockstar face!

He still needs some practice. It is hard trying to look tough with that baby face!

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'll stick to the book...

The fates conspired together and I did end up going to see Twilight at midnight yesterday. I had told Denae a week or so ago that I didn't think I would be up to going. I thought I would be exhausted having worked Tuesday and Wednesday but I ended up getting sent home at midnight on Wednesday eventhough I didn't go to bed until 4am. It is impossible to turn off your brain once you have convinced it that it must stay awake all night long! Lisa had Malakai on Thursday so I was able to get some sleep. My friend Leya has been going a little stir crazy since her husband has been out of town for business ALOT and she is left home alone with 6 teenagers so we decided to see if we could find some tickets. She also threw in one of her teenage daughters as a free babysitter...SOLD! Luckily, the theater in Spanish Fork still had tickets. They opened all 8 theaters for the showing so it wasn't even very crowded. I even convinced my mom to go see it with us!

We showed up at the theater a little after 11 and got good seats and then we waited...and waited...and waited...and wasn't this supposed to be a midnight showing?!...and at 12:25 started watching the movie. Edward had just barely graced the screen when a strange siren and lights started going off. I was thinking, "boy, they sure are making his entrance dramatic." when I realized it was the fire alarm. Stupid! Most people's reaction would be to calmly evacuate the theater especially since there was a voice on the intercom saying "Please calmly evacuate the theater." But, not us. No, the entire theater just looked around blankly. We had waited an hour and a half for this movie and we knew one of two things would happen; either the alarm would shut off and the movie would resume or we would eventually burn to death. We were too tired to care which. After a couple minutes the alarm shut off and the movie started again. In hind sight, I can see that this was really the best option.

So what did I think of the movie? Eh, it was ok. Not nearly as good as the book! There was some serious over acting. Rosalie had a jiggle butt and I could hardly call her the most beautiful girl in the world and Carlisle's hair was a very unnatural color of blonde. But, all that aside I thought it followed the story relatively well and surprisingly I really liked the Victoria. My recomendation would be to go see the movie but also read the book because the movie leaves out so much. I guess it is kind of hard to pack a 600 page book into 2 hours.